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In the Boston area
The Boston Dance Calendar
Regularly Schedule Dances
Places to go dancing
Classes and teachers in the Boston area.
Mostly special classes and one-time workshops by visiting instructors.
Special events.

New England  Actually, the rest of New England
dancema.html  Massachusetts
dancema-north.html  North of Boston, usually north of Route 128
dancema-west.html  West of Boston, usually west of Weston and east of 413 area code
dancema-south.html  South of Boston, past Randolph or thereabouts. Includes Cape & Islands
dancema-waywest.html  Western Massachusetts in the 413 area code.
danceri.html  Dancing in Rhode Island
danceri-calendar.html  The dance calendar for Rhode Island
dancect.html  Dancing in Connecticut
dancect-calendar.html  Connecticut dance calendar
dancect-classes.html  Where you can go to learn to dance
dancect-places.html  Places where you can go dancing
dancenh.html  Dancing venues in New Hampshire.
dancenh-calendar.html  New Hampshire dance calendar (mirrors Vermont calendar most of the time)
dancenh-classes.html  Where to take dance classes in New Hampshire
dancevt.html  Dancing venues and classes in Vermont
danceme.html  Dancing venues and classes in Maine
national_events.html  Dance weekends around the country
cluborgs.html  Dancing groups and organizations, especially the not-for-profit groups
canada.html  Canada, our friends to the north, eh?
outsidne.html  The rest of the USA outside New England
danceal.html  Dancing in Alabama
danceak.html  Dancing in Alaska
dancear.html  Dancing in Arkansas
danceaz.html  Dancing in Arizona
danceca.html  Dancing in California
danceco.html  Dancing in Colorado
dancede.html  Dancing in Deleware
dancefl.html  Dancing in Florida
dancega.html  Dancing in Georgia
dancehi.html  Dancing in Hawaii
danceid.html  Dancing in Idaho
danceil.html  Dancing in Illinois
dancein.html  Dancing in Indiana
danceia.html  dancing in Iowa
danceks.html  Dancing in Kansas
danceky.html  Dancing in Kentucky
dancela.html  Dancing in Louisiana
dancemd.html  Dancing in Maryland
dancemi.html  Dancing in Michigan
dancemn.html  Dancing in Minnesota
dancems.html  Dancing in Mississippi
dancemo.html  Dancing in Missouri
dancemt.html  Dancing in Montana
dancenb.html  Dancing in Nebraska
dancenv.html  Dancing in Nevada
dancenm.html  Dancing in New Mexico
dancenj.html  Dancing in New Jersey
danceny.html  Dancing in New York
dancenc.html  Dancing in North Carolina
dancend.html  Dancing in North Dakota
danceoh.html  Dancing in Ohio
danceok.html  Dancing in Oklahoma
danceor.html  Dancing in Oregon
dancepa.html  Dancing in Pennsylvania
dancesc.html  Dancing in South Carolina
dancesd.html  Dancing in South Dakota
dancetn.html  Dancing in Tennessee
dancetx.html  Dancing in Texas
danceut.html  Dancing in Utah
danceva.html  Dancing in Virginia
dancewv.html  Dancing in West Virginia
dancewa.html  Dancing in Washington
dancewi.html  Dancing in Wisconsin
dancewy.html  Dancing in Wyoming
people.html  A list of popular teachers around the country
outsidna.html  Dance information outside North America
The Business side of dancing 
bands.html  The music providers: bands and disc jockeys
business.html  Peopel who want to sell you dance-related stuff, likes shoes.
music/  List of CD's I'd recommend, but this page hasn't been updated in a while.
Other types of dancing 
hustle.html  A webpage focused on hustle dancing in Boston.
tango/  Tango pages moved to
tapboston/  Tap dancing in Boston, moved to
salsa.html  Nothing here except a couple of links to local Salsa websites
other.html  Other kinds of dancing not covered elsewhere. If it isn't here, don't ask.
Other Information  Stuff not categorized elsewhere
dancepub.html  Publications, generic information websites, and forums.
features.html  Articles and editorials. I won't bother listing them all here.
editorials/   The archives of the famous "Soapbox".
spam.html   This website's policy regarding spam
Friends of Benson who have webpages on this site
rugcutters/  Rugcutters Dance Studio, Watertown
bestfootforward/  Best Foot Forward Dance Studio, Newton
hartfordswing/  Hartford Swing Dance Society, West Hartford, Connecticut
hrossdance/  hillary ross dance. Now at
dancetechnics/  Dance Technics, Merrimac, Massachusetts, now at
marblehead/  Marblehead School of Ballet, Marblehead, Massachusetts
bluesuedeboppers/  The Blue Suede Boppers
whiteheat/  The White Heat Swing Orchestra, Boston, Massachusetts
tempodancecenter/  Tempo Dance Center, Boston, Massachusetts
Moving soon to
swingout/  Dom V and the Swing Out Big Band
Suzie-Q/  Suzie-Q Swing Productions with Susan Carr, Rhode Island
nora/  Nora Venne, dance teacher
nextstep/  Next Step Dance Studio, with Christine Nunziato (unofficial pages, anyway)
margaret/  Margaret Batiuchok, dance teacher in New York City, NY (not official page)
kateford/  Kate Ford, dance teacher in Massachusetts

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