Need a band or disc jockey for your dance or function? Want to know more about a band that's playing near you or at a dance that you want to attend? Want their address or phone number? Find out more about them here. At the bottom of this page are listings for various disc jockeys who provide music for dances.

What do the little red stars red star mean? It means that I saw them at a dance within the last year and the number of stars indicate how much they inspired me to swing dance. The number of stars can also go up or down. Bands with no stars means I haven't seen them live or it's been a while since I've last seen them. Some bands got fewer stars, not because they were bad, but because their "swing content" was lower than expected or desired; some bands are exciting concert bands, but I probably wouldn't hire them to do a swing dance.

Editor's Note: If you're interested in hiring a band, take the time to listen to them in concert or at least, listen to a demo tape. And do me a favor: tell the band or dj that you found them here on these pages.

Interested in traditional or dixieland jazz? Go to New England Traditional Jazz Plus for schedules, venues, and bands.

Want to hear swing/big band music when you're at your computer? Set your web browser to Martini in the Morning for music to put you in the mood 24x7!

Sometimes I wonder if the bands really care that they're listed here (well, one of them really does.) Very rarely do I hear from a band asking me to come and check them out. Some of them I like more than others and some I want to support more than others. And there are others that I've never heard. There is certainly a short list of bands that would encourage me to leave the house to go dancing. While I'm sure that a lot of people will disagree with my selection, I'd like to let these bands know that *I* like what they're doing.

The Webmaster's Favorites (in no specific order):

Eight to the Bar a little dot
Contact Cynthia Lyons, P.O. Box 123, Northford, CT 06472. (Booking information and/or 24-Hour Hotline: 203-484-4749)

Sweet Willie D. & The Continental Walk

The Racky Thomas Band

Tony Lynn Washington
The Toni Lynn Washington Band
Contact Bruce Bears Management at 781-391-5623 or 625 Fellsway West, Medford, MA 02155.
Editor's note: I love dancing to Toni's music. She understands what a swing rhythm really is and can turn just about any song into Swing music.

Roy Gerson red starred starred starred star
This is the only band for which I've driven to NYC to dance....twice.

The White Heat Orchestra
Contact Craig Ball at 617-354-7213 or P.O. Box 381008 Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA 02238-1088.
This is the original Roxy dance band...and the first band I tried swing dancing to in 1991...and the band that played at my wedding 24 years later.

The Love Dogs
The Love Dogs
Contact Ed Sheer 617-735-0604. A favorite band regularly seen at dances all over New England.

The O-Tones
Contact Mary Witt at 413-584-8760. Swing, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, and Motown for your wedding, party, dance, or other F event. Various group sizes avaialable. Based in the heart of New England, this event and wedding band travels to Boston as well as all of MA, CT, NY, VT, RI, and NH.

"Sax" Gordon Beadle
For more information, contact "Sax" Gordon.

Memphis Rockabilly Band
Contact Memphis Rockabilly Band.
red starred starred starred star (9/4/11 in Leominster. Would have given full stars if they played all swing. Close enough. 11/2011: Played at my birthday party.)


I don't get to hear most of these bands so I would appreciate if anyone had updates on the bands' status. It's a pain to have to call them up to find out if they still exist.

Beantown Swing Orchestra
Contact Frank Hsieh at 617-272-5730.

BJ Magoon & Driving Sideways
Contact A mix of Swing Blues, Boogie-Woogie and R & B.

Blue Rendezvous
Contact Paris Productions at 413-323-8660 or P.O. BOx 222, Belchertown, MA 01007.

Dan Gable and The Abletones
"Swing and dance music of the 1930s and 40s". For more information, write to or call 774-280-1502.

Dave Whitney Orchestra
Contact Dave Whitney at 978-667-5524 or 978-667-7357. 33 Wyman Road, Billerica, MA 01821-3725

Drootin Brothers Band
Contact Sonny (or Al) Drootin at 781-762-7480 (Sonny) or 561-439-0935 (Al) or 181 Neponset, Norwood.

Lynne Meryl Band
Contact 413-584-1789 in Northampton (May 1-Oct. 1) or 954-733-5871 in Fort Lauderdale, FL (Oct. 1-May 1). Dance music at clubs, festivals, country clubs, weddings, etc, with music from the 1920s to present.

The Mood Elevators
contact Christine Towle at 508-460-7647.

The Mood Swings Orchestra
For more information, contact Lynn Tibbets at 617-794-4914.

Pendulum Swing Band
Contact Arthur Bakopolus at 978-689-3050. 7-piece band (8- with the vocalist)

Ricky "King" Russell

Sticky Skillet Swing Orchestra
Contact Daniel Fox at 617-909-7776. red starred star (8/10/08)

Bill & Bo Winiker
Winiker Swing Orchestra
Contact Bill Winiker at 617-277-6673 or 45 Longwood Avenue, Suite 108, Brookline, MA 02146.
red starred starred star

Bellevue Cadillac
Contact Bryon Holley at 508-520-3208 or 37 Clapp Street, Norton, MA 02766. Concert Line: 508-541-4693

Blind Tiger Swing Posse
Contact Doug Moore at 508-791-3816.

The Blue Suede Boppers
Contact Reebee Garofalo at 617-628-3769. a little dot

Bombay Jim and the Swinging Sapphires
contact Jim Porcella at 401-467-2766. a little dot

Compaq Big Band
Contact Al Saloky. The Compaq Big Band is a 21-piece big band made up of employees of Compaq Computer, former employees of Digital Equipment, and other members. They play many charity-oriented swing dances as well as clubs around the North Shore. (formerly the DECbigband). a little dot

Dick Kaplan's Excellent Jazz Band
Contact Dick Kaplan at or 978-465-0265. 6 Purchase Street, Newburyport, MA 01950. Three to eight piece traditional jazz/swing Ensemble.

Contact Megan Berry at 617-876-4600 or Accurate Records, 288 Norfolk Street, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Eastwood Swing Orchestra
Contact Norman Daoust at 617-491-7424 or 157 Raymond Street, Cambridge, MA 02140-3314. a little dot

Fantasy Big Band
Contact Kent L. Kochon at 508-634-3092 or P.O. Box 216, Hopedale, MA 01747.

The Mike DiBari Swingtet
Contact Mike DiBari at 617-491-3007.
Mike Dibari appears in other bands and makes them sound better.

Little Red & The Riders
Contact at 508-792-4585.

Rico Barr and the Jump 'n Jive Review
For more information, contact the band at 978-857-9457 or

Solon Z & the Sapphires
Contact Solon Z. at 617-651-3434. 24-piece big band orchestra.

The Swing Legacy
Contact Henry Francis at 781-259-9007 or 16 Sunnyside Lane, Lincoln, MA 01773.

The Tom Nutile Big Band
Contact Tom Nutile at or 508-651-9909.

Contact Alan Souza at 774-218-1838. Trilogy can be seen and heard at ballrooms all over New England. a little dot

Wolverine Jazz band
Contact John Clark. Boston Metrowest area. Traditional jazz";i.e., dixieland and the dance music of the 20s.

The rest of New England

Something Cool with Karen Cameron a little dot
Contact Karen Cameron at 603-964-7551.

Roger Ceresi and the Rockin' All Starz
Contact Roger Ceresi in 401-792-9897. Rhode Island.
A band with a lot of good energy.

The Hot Cat Jazz Band

The Rockin' Soul Horns
Contact Rob at 401-792-9897.

Lex and Joe's BlueSwing
Contact Lex and Joe at 207-646-2932. (4-piece swing band) and their sister group The Night Lifes (5-piece wedding band) operate out of Ogunquit, Maine.

The Dick Campo Big Band
Contact Dick Campo at or 860-443-9582 (cell 860-912-3473) in New London, Connecticut.

Daddio's Swing Orchestra
Contact Keith W. Papa at 603-548-6492.

Fogcutters Big Band
Maine. Contact them at

Al Fenton Big Band

Ben Andrews Swing Band
Providence, Rhode Island. For more information, call Ben at 502-552-5174 or write to

Johnny and the East Coast Rockers
Contact Johnny McLeod at 401-348-0504.

The Nifty Fifties Band
For booking information, contact Cheryl Scott Management at 860-693-0891.

Bedford Big Band
Contact Bedford Big Band at 603-471-2950. Bedford, New Hampshire.

The Peter Hostage Situation
Contact Peter Hostage at 603-437-9589. New Hampshire.

The Little Big Band
Contact Frank Pappalardo at 860-871-7582 or 860-742-1432, or Scott Summerer at 860-228-0298. Connecticut.

Coastline Swing Band
Performs at the Venice Restaurant, Westerly, Rhode Island, every first and third Thursday from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. For more information, contact the band.

Joe Levesque Big Band
18-piece big band based in Vermont. For more information contact Laura Barbieri at or 802-264-5405.

Simply Swing
Contact at or 86-989-9217.

Red Satin Band
Contact Frank Pappalardo at 860-0871-7582.

Lakes Region Big Band Facebbok
For more information, contact Dani Corning at or 603-219-2284.

New York and New Jersey

George Gee and his Make-Believe Ballroom Orchestra a little dot
Contact George at or call 718-779-7865 (fax: 718-779-7867).
MBBO is a 15-piece swing big band. George Gee also offers The Jump, Jive & Wailers, a 10-piece band.

The Flipped Fedoras
PACT Bookings (212-924-1009)

Gerard Carelli Orchestra
Gerald Carelli, 1-800-GC-SINGS (427-4647)

Diana Leigh and Crazy Rhythm
Ithaca, NY
3/3/2015: This URL was bad.

Gordon Webster
New York City, NY

The Fried Bananas Go to their Facebook page
Based out of NYC and Philadelphia.

The Peter Davis and Lindy Hop Heaven
Peter Davis, Saratoga Spring, NY. (518-584-5412)

Bob January's New York Dance Band Orchestra
Bob January
6 different configurations of dance bands/orchestras, depending on your requirements and budget.

Contact Dave Post

The Big Band Sound
Dave Cole (914-226-6072)
19-piece jazz orchestra based in Poughkeepsie, NY that provides the jazz music of the big band era.

The Swing Doctors
Jesse Gelber, 373 S. 4th Street, #3C, Brooklyn, NY 11211. (718-387-9766)

New York City Swing
Evan Ginzburg (bookings), 718-740-4318.

The Yalloppin' Hounds


Most of the bands that play in the area are local acts that are only a few hours' drive away within the New England/New York region. Bands located outside that area will be listed within their individual state's webpages. If you don't see a listing for a band for your specific state, try looking on a page for an adjacent state.

There are band listings on pages for California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, South Carolina, Canada

You can jump to the page that lists the states outside New England.

Disc Jockeys

Some disc jockeys are mentioned here because I know them (and like them). Others (particularly the ballroom ones) are listed because they requested the listing or someone suggested the addition. In those latter instances, I probably don't know anything about them (regardless of how good they really are) so ask around to see which ones are recommended by the people you know.
Tony Tye 508-435-2363 MA SwingLindy
Bill Cameron 860-242-6803 CT West Coast Swing
Fred Rapoport 978-562-2286 MA West Coast SwingCountry-Western
Rob Szarka 860-373-0249 CT LindyLindyWCS
Ken Mercik 860-749-5434 CT West Coast Swing
Tom "Tommy Gee" Gendrachi 860-768-4752 CT West Coast Swing
Paul Krakauske 207-828-1795 ME SwingLindy
Pete "DJPJ" Paraskevas 207-879-2589 ME LindyLindythis is a ballroom eventLindy
J & L Sound   508-823-4811 MA Ballroom
SuperShag Productions 617-266-2258 MA this is a ballroom djSwing
Randy Deats and Kathy St. Jean 401-463-1815 RI this is a ballroom dj
K & S Music   RI this is a ballroom dj
DanceSport of Boston John & Anne Marie Paul 617-325-1562 Boston area this is a ballroom dj
John Soares 401-305-3551 Rhode Island

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