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November 23, 2014

Dear friends,

I wanted to let you know that former Bostonian and long-time West Coast Swing dancer (and champion) Maxwell Chun Wing Ho passed away on Wednesday, November 19, in the San Mateo (CA) Medical Center surrounded by his friends.

Maxwell had been suffering from cancer for years, but his letters gave hope that he was going to pull through. The last email I got from him was on November 9 while going through treatment after a relapse of the cancer. This was after an exhausting 8 weeks of radiation treatments. He had asked that this information not become public. He went back into the hospital on November 17 and found more cancer in his brain and lungs. He was told that more radiation wasn't going to help and he knew that his time with us was short.

It seemed appropriate that those with him in his last moments on this earth were treated to a double rainbow in the sky after the morning rain, a tribute to Maxwell's enthusiasm for life. I'm going to miss him.

Many thanks to Alice Howard for sharing her picture of Maxwell with us.

Maxwell Ho

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