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August 23, 2015

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From the corner booth...

I heard a good story yesterday. We were up in New Hampshire visiting some friends from Wisconsin.

Turns out that presidential candidate, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, was campaigning in Sunapee and was giving some speech at a restaurant there. One of my friends, a teenager girl in the Wisconsin public schools, decided to show up to protest against Walker. She knew she wouldn't get near the place with an anti-Walker placard so she attached a "Walker for President" sign to the front of her protest sign. Apparently, Walker's handlers checked out her sign to make sure there wasn't a "bad" message on the back of the sign. The security told her that she didn't look like a rabble-rouser. However, she wasn't allowed inside the restaurant with any sign so she stood outside with the reporters.

Someone probably figured out that something was wrong because all the attendees had left and all who were left were the reporters...and this young girl with a sign. I think the actual placard was finally revealed.

All of a sudden, the girl's mother noticed that Walker's two transport SUV's were missing. She went to the back of the building just in time to see everyone leaving through the kitchen entrance and being shoved into the SUV's. She gave out a big whistle and her daughter ran to the back followed by a crowd of reporters who arrived in time to see Walker's encourage roar off in their vehicles. The reporters, including some foreign correspondents and some reporters from a New Hampshire conservative blog, then made sure to interview the young girl. The only bad part of the event was that my friend, the girl's mother, was described as her *grand*mother.

In case you didn't remember, Walker built his conservative credentials on abolishing the teachers' unions in Wisconsin because he felt that they were government employees and shouldn't be able to have collective bargaining power. Strangely enough, he didn't do anything about the police unions. The ironic thing is that at the meeting, he talked about how he was strong enough go head-to-head with the unions and anyone else, but he was chased off by a single teenaged protester with his tail between his legs.

See you on the dance floor.

Benson Wong

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