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June 26, 2016

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From the corner booth...

Hello from Beantown Lindy Hop Camp, now in its 20th year. It's the result of a lot of behind-the-scene hard work by a couple of incredibly dedicated dancers who keep running around making sure everything is running smoothly through the week. We should be grateful to these great people who care enough about the Frankie Manning's legacy to keep this great event going year-after-year.

I think that Dunkin' Donuts needs to change their name; I don't think donuts are their primary concern anymore. For a while now, I'll go in during the late afternoon and not be able to get the donut I want. "Sold out", they'll say. If it's "Dunkin' Donuts", then why are they out of donuts with half a shift to go? I used to be able to go in just before closing and get any donut I want. Now, if they're out of donuts at 4 pm, I'm out of luck. This is really disappointing. I guess the beancounters figured that their marginal level of profits goes down if they have leftover donuts at the end of the day and it's not important if their customers leave a store unsatisfied.

This goes to show why competition is important in any business; it keeps everyone trying. I didn't always get Krispy Kreme donuts but it's good to know that they made Dunkin' Donuts work for their customers. I see Honey Dew Donuts at highway rest stops but never in the areas where I live; I bet Dunkin' Donuts would be offering fresh donuts all the time if Honey Dew Donuts started invading their turf.

See you on the dance floor.

Benson Wong

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