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August 12, 2018

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From the corner booth...

Had a great morning today. On the way to Fan Expo Boston (aka "The Boston Comic Con"), we stopped off at Dunkin Donuts to get something to eat on the way. Someone followed us in to the place and told us we'd need to feed the meter or get a more expensive ticket. Yes, it was a meter person. We ran out to put a couple of quarters. We were so happy that this meter person chose to encourage us to feed the meter instead of doing what they had every right to do and give us a ticket. Guess those guys don't really have quotas. Made a great start to our day.

As I would be walking around the Boston Exhibition & Conference Center (BECC) on concrete floors for three days, I thought it was a good idea to break out my new pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers. And it was. Those sneakers have great support and padding. My feet did not hurt after all that walking (Friday night was over 7000 steps and that included only an hour's worth of walking. I almost felt bad for those people wearing flip-flops and sandles.

I'm hoping that Facebook has an active hunting team that looks for hacks hidden in links on their website.

I saw the beginning of some informative article so I clicked on the link to get more information. My anti-virus program caught some malware trying to get downloaded to my computer (I had just reinstalled Windows so I would have been pissed to have to do it again). Hackers are clearly using social media to spread malware so we have to be extra diligent in what we click on the Internet. Facebook should be clicking on every link on a page before the link can be uploaded where it has access to the entire Facebook community.

And to get back to an often-repeated subject, go and pay for some good *active* anti-virus program for your computer. Active software will check everything that tries to get downloaded to your computer and catch things. I've been using Norton to do just that for a long time, in spite of my personal opinion of Norton as a company. And don't be cheap about paying for anti-virus; you get what you pay for. There are ways to get around paying a lot for anti-virus. I think you can get Norton if you have Comcast for cable; perhaps FIOS does the same thing. I have a lot of computers at home and I have friends with computers. I go to Costco and get the Ten-Pack license. If I use every license, it'll cost under $10 a year to protect each of my computers and many others.

I think more teachers should spend more time teaching their students more of the social ettiquette on the dance floor.

See you on the dance floor.

Benson Wong

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