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August 13, 2023

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From the corner booth...

This is very late, mostly because the dance scene had been shut down for the last three or four years due to the pandemic, but we'd like to congratulate Mike & Jessica on their marriage. We hadn't seen them in at least three years so we didn't know. At the latest Swing City dance, Mike had announced that his wife Jessica had baked a cake for the event (not to mention the gluten-free cupcakes). As soon as he said "My wife...", one of my friends yelled out "Your WHAT?". :-)

I was amused when we were watching Hallmark's "The Veil" (the first of three) and during a scene when the main female character was helping a friend shop for wedding dresses, the friend was trying on the same dress that my now-wife wore, a tea-length dress designed by Oleg Cassini, draper to the stars. When you buy one of his designs, you get a tabletop book with pictures of all the celebrities who wore his dresses (including Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Grace Kelly, for example). It was a perfect dress for our wedding because we were going to be dancing. The thing that I remember about it is that some married-people gave us grief because we hadn't gotten the dress and it was two months before the wedding (August, 2015). They were giving us horror stories about the stress of finding a dress over the year before the wedding, not that they offered to help my then-fiancee go shopping for a dress. I felt vindicated when my wife found her dress within two weeks and it was a perfect dress; absolutely no drama and no stress. I remember thinking, "Damn, she's pretty!", when she came down the aisle.

And the practical side of me was thinking, it's a designer dress and the price was insanely inexpensive, especially when compared to a lot of other wedding dresses, and we get our money's worth out of it. My wife will be wearing it again next month when we go out to dinner for our anniversary (I think we're down to $100 per wearing). Some people spend thousands of dollars for a dress to wear one time in their life. Denyce wears a designer dress on that day every year.

If you're a dance venue and you're holding open public events again, please send email to me directly. I can't guarantee that I'll pay attention to newsletters and group mailings. And I definitely won't be looking at your social media for the information.

See you on the dance floor.

Benson Wong

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