So you're interested in dancing in the Greater Boston region. This area, at least on this website, covers pretty much everything inside Route 128, or most everything in the 617- and 781 area codes.

The calendar gets you a list of events and when they're being held. There's also a list of regularly scheduled events. These aren't listed in the calendar if the organizer doesn't send in the actual dates. The list of places to dance will give you more detail about where to go dancing. If you're just starting out, we have a big list of venues where you can go to learn to dance. The list of dance organizations includes a bunch of local venues as well as those throughout New England.

In addition to the regular class schedules, there will also be the occasional dance workshops by visiting teachers. In spite of the wide variety of dancing listed on this website, only Swing/Lindy Hop/West Coast Swing workshops will be listed. Also, there will be information on special one-shot (dancing) events in the area. Usually, these events should be listed on another website so this page will not be used very often.

Some venues might be on the border, those nebulous areas that could be in one or another region; those venues and listings for the other states in New England can be found on the New England page with their respective dance calendars.

Elsewhere means anything not in New England. This website has a listing of dance businesses who want to sell you lots of stuff refers to non-Swing/Lindy Hop/WCS dancing or provide the music for your event.



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