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There's a lot of good music that's looking for a home on your CD shelf. Here is an attempt to get you some information on a few of the CD's out there. To be honest, I got some of these CD's free; however, regardless of whether or not I buy the CD or get them for free, I'm not going to mention them here if I don't like them.

Note: This page hasn't been updated in a long time. The music's still good but it's not necessarily current.

The DanceNet Hall of Fame
Indigo Swing Indigo Swing, Indigo Swing.
Welt & Placket, San Francisco, CA. 1995
Frankie Manning's Really Swingin' Big Band Favorites Frankie Manning's Really Swingin' Big Band Favorites,
Sony Music, 1995.
Wild, Cool and Swingin' Wild, Cool, and Swingin',
Ultra-Lounge series. 1996

The rest of the pack

Superhero Swinger Undercover Superhero Swinger Undercover,
Eight To The Bar. 2003.
Calling All Jitterbugs Calling all Jitterbugs!.
The Bill Elliott Orchestra, 1997.
All Aboard All Aboard!,
Indigo Swing.
Time Bomb Recordings. 1998.
Wild, Cool, and Swingin', Too! Wild, Cool, and Swingin', Too!,
Ultra-Lounge series.
In the Digital mood In The Digital Mood,
The Glenn Miller Orchestra.
GRP Records, Inc. 1983
Beat Me Rocking Beat Me Rocking, Eight To The Bar
Best of Louis Jordan,
Louis Jordan.
Louis Prima Collector Series Louis Prima Collector Series,
Louis Prima. 1991
Red Light! Red Light!
Indigo Swing. Time Bomb Recordings. 1999.
Dinner is Served! Dinner is Served
Williams-Sonoma, Inc. 1999
Hey, Sailor!
Eight To The Bar. 2001.
Dancing on a Blue Moon Dancing on a Blue Moon
The Swing Legacy. 1999.
High Altitude Swing
Big Time Operator. 1997.
Livin' It Up Livin' It Up
Jet Set Six. 1998.
The Flipped Fedoras Nick Palumbo and the Flipped Fedoras

Singularly Stupendous Songs

Slow Boat to China Bette Midler The Rosemary Clooney Songbook
Sway Dean Martin ?
Pussy Cat Dolls Shall We Dance? soundtrack (American version)
Kansas City Riffs Buster Smith ?

Updated May 6, 2008

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