Livin' It Up

Livin' It Up

Jet Set Six
1998 Mutiny Records

One of my friends dared to suggest that Jet Set Six was almost as good as my favorite swing dance band, Indigo Swing, but I'll let him live until after I see Jet Set Six soon. Regardless of how they are live, this CD is quite a nice change from many of those other retro-swing pretenders.

Livin' It Up (track 2) is probably the most danceable of the ones on this CD and the one you'll probably hear the most. Track 4, The Dame That Knotted My Rope is another good song but it's very fast. My favorite, while fast, If I Could Be Anyone, is quite nice to listen to; it's amazing what the words say if you take the time to listen. There are at least three songs on this CD that are worth playing, and one of my dj friends says that 3 songs makes it a good CD. Actually, it's better than that. Pretty much the whole CD is danceable so you get your money's worth out of it. The only downside is that the CD doesn't have much depth; all of the music is very fast and when I first heard the CD, it all sounded the same.

I bought this CD at HMV in Harvard Square, though Big Daddy told me he got his copy at Newbury Comics. I'd be surprised if Hepcat Records didn't have it.

TrackTitle Length BPM suggested danceBP
1Every Single Day 3:26188balboaB+
2Livin' It Up 3:06157swingA+
3The Perpetual Bachelor 4:27182lindyB
4The Dame that Knotted My Rope 3:30202lindyA-
5My Love 2:43177swingB+
6My Torrid Heart 2:54158swingA-
7If I Could Be Anyone 3:14181lindyA+
8Try 4:15170swing/lindyA-
9Jack & Joe 3:35165swingB+
10Hotline 2:04188lindyB+
11Ever Lovin' Reprise 4:04165swingB

Updated December 15, 1998

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