Nick Palumbo and the Flipped Fedora Orchestra

[no cover]

1997 Bigtown Records

I had heard that this band had to remake themselves completely before they could get hired for a swing dance in New York City, but after hearing them at the Roxy in Boston, I couldn't see them as anything except a swing dance band. I got their CD and circulated it around to my friends and fairly soon after that, I found out the band was going to play at the Boston Swing Dance Network's February 1999 dance. Cool.

The band has Nick Palumbo fronting a six-piece band that highlights a lot of brass in their sound without losing that swing beat. Nick does all the singing for the band, and in spite of smoking a cigarette on stage, has enough voice for the band.

I have a complaint, though. They must have spent a lot of money on their instruments and clothes, but they didn't shell out any money to make their CD. I got it from Nick Palumbo himself and the CD came in a plastic sleeve. After walking away, I noticed the recording surface was a two-toned blue, not the normal white. On the front side, there was an inkjet label stuck on the CD. This was a homemade CD! I was pretty disappointed: for $15, I expected a jewel case with front/back covers. Actually, if you think about it, the profit margins for such a CD was lower than for a manufactured CD. I could pay $13 for a CD at an Indigo Swing concert and the case would even be plastic-wrapped.

Luckily, this has nothing to do with the quality of the sound on the CD. This CD is a good mix of music with fast and slower songs and even one cha-cha and a schmoozy song. All the songs are rated well enough to play at a dance, though I don't know why they bothered with Sing Sing Sing (I hate that song, especially when played at 212 bpm). The best song for dancing is track 2, Long Cool Ride, though I personally like the fourth track, Paint It Black. The other songs vary somewhat, depending on the time of day and your mood, but this is a CD to get for your soon as they get real manufactured CD; otherwise, they should charge less for the homemade CD's.

At this time, the CD was only available through the band at their concert gigs.

TrackTitle Length BPM suggested danceBP
1The Big Beat 3:26160swingB
2Long Cool Ride 2:34175swingA+
3That Kind of Money 3:36127slow swingB
4Paint It Black 3:58170swingA+
5It's Alright 2:19167swingA
6Walking In My Sleep 6:09n/aschmoozen/a
7Oh Yeah 3:41n/acha-chan/a
8Shipapit 2:39180lindyB+
9Sing Sing Sing 4:38212why?B-
10Big Game Hunter 3:14167swingB+
11Rock My Blues Away 2:28184lindy hopA

Updated December 16, 1998

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