Hey, Sailor!

Eight To The Bar

Someone once said to me that if there were 3 (swing) danceable songs on a CD, then it was a great deal. If that's the case, then Hey, Sailor! by Eight To The Bar is worth buying *right now*! I could play the first four songs straight through for 12 minutes of dancing.

I finally got around to sit still long enough to listen to the whole CD and I enjoyed listening to the variety of different music on the CD, all done well by this versatile band. I usually go through a CD to see what songs I might want to leave off when I make a tape for my car and I was surprised when I got to the end of CD without noticing anything that I wouldn't want to listen to.

I imagine that the main song for the dancers will be The Existential Boogie, the third track; it has the right mix of vocals, rhythm, bass, and energy for a great dance song. I love that boogie woogie piano sound. Beat Me Daddy, Eight to the Bar was an obvious song for the band; it had a good rhythm and energy, though I wished the mixing brought out Cynthia's and Megan's voices more. The title song, Say, Sailor!, is a good medium tempo swing dance tune that can be either Swing or faster West Coast Swing.

There are perhaps three songs that I didn't rate that high and I'm not talking about the Samba-like song. I can see how some dj's might play any of those three songs anyway so I think that this CD is a Grand Slam for someone looking for a good CD of dance music.

TrackTitle Length BPM suggested dance
1 She's the Most 2:04Lindy
2 Hey, Sailor! 3:31ECS
3 The Existential Boogie 2:49Lindy Hop
4 I'm Here to Tell You 4:35WCS
5 Why Can't You Dance 2:30ECS?
6 Mean Old Frisco 3:51Shag/Fast WCS
7 So Rare 2:53Schmooze
8 Well, All Right 3:12?
9 All of These Things 4:10Schmooze
10He Ain't Got Rhythm 4:18
11Mean Streets 3:20Slow WCS
12I'm Obsessed 3:27Samba/Salsa?
13Beat Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar 4:31Lindy Hop

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Updated September 1, 2001

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