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This website is a not-for-profit activity maintained by an enthusiastic member of the dance community. There is no purpose to sending out spam since it'd just get this website in trouble.

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Contact your Congressmen and government officials and urge them to pass *stronger* laws concerning spam.

When you think about it, having to deleted spam email takes you about 10 seconds per email. Some Monday mornings, I get a couple of thousand spam email at work (Thank God for SpamAssassin). Imagine taking the time to delete each one of those spam messages, multiply by the number of spam messages you get, and then multiply by the millions of people who get that same spam every day. I think we're talking about the theft of the equivalent of hundreds of thousand, if not millions, lives every day.

Imagine trying to come up with a punishment to deter sending out spam. What could possibly make someone think twice about being a spammer? I kinda like the idea of burning at the stake.