Margaret Batiuchok, New York City

Mailing Address: 504 East 63rd Street, Apt. 35R, New York City, NY 10021
Phone: 212-832-7489

Margaret & Charlie Meade
Margaret and Charlie Meade
at a NY Swing Dance Society dance
Margaret Batiuchok teaches group and private dance lessons locally, nationally, and internationally. The portfolio of classes taught include Lindy, West Coast Swing, Ballroom, Shim-Sham, Charleston and Country-Western. She also offers instructional video tapes for Shim-Sham and Lindy (all levels), Swingouts & Syncopations, and Jitterbug Stroll. She also offers classes in Creative Partnering and organizes dsance performances, special events, and choreography.

Ms. Batiuchok was the 1983 Harvest Moon Ball Champion and is a co-founder and president of the New York Swing Dance Society. She is the choreographer and featured dancer on the PBS Elington Special in May, 1999. She was also the author of a thesis on the history of Lindy Hop.

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Last updated April 9, 2006

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