The Blue Suede Boppers
Contact: Reebee Garofalo (617-666-5308) or Howie Tarnower (617-969-2559)

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Rhythm & Blues, Rockabilly, Honky Tonk, Jump, Doo Wop. The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll lives again. Bop 'til you drop with the Blue Suede Boppers . The music is as vibrant and irresistible as ever. That's why everyone from the Beatles and Bonnie Raitt to Guns 'n' Roses and Boyz 2 Men continues to perform and record it, and everyone from your 16-year-old son to your 60-year-old aunt continues to love it.

What they said...

"Music buffs can jive and twist 'til they drop when the Blue Suede Boppers jam." - The Boston Globe

"Their music is the greatest" - Christian Science Monitor

"The Blue Suede Boppers are keepers of the flame as far as the roots of rock are concerned. The 'real stuff' lives on in the music of the Blue Suede Boppers." - Cambridge Chronicle

"The Blue Suede Boppers are a great band and are really great to dance to. They are ever popular favorities with the Boston dance community." - Roger Weiss, Boston Swing Dance Network

"The Boppers are authentic. For a minute, I thought I was back in 1958. These guys lived through it, and they play it like they were still there." - John Payne, Director, John Payne Music Center

"The Blue Suede Boppers deliver. They bring to life the beat, the lyrics, the harmony and the jive. It's hard to sit still when they play." - Providence Journal-Bulletin

"The Boppers play all over the area to well-deserved rave reviews." - The Boston Globe

"Spectacular entertainers. They capture the moment and make any affair memorable." - Sally O'Connor, Director Special Events, Bank of Boston

"The Boppers played our WBUR Car Talk Sock Hop and they were fabulous. Every number was a crowd-pleaser. They had everyone dancing all night long." - Tom and Ray Magliozzi (Click and Clack), hosts of "Car Talk" on National Public Radio

"The Boppers were the perfect band for opening. Everyone loved them." - Sherry West, Program director, Museum of Transportation

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