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"Dance At Your Wedding" Workshop Series

"This is one of the most exciting courses I teach", says instructor Christine Nunziato. Her Dance At Your Wedding Dance workshops have helped hundreds of nervous couples to feel connected, confident, and even a bit capricious during their first dance. The class is held once a month on a Saturday in either Newton or Boston.

During the workshop you'll be guided through the "mindset" of your job as either a leader or a follower.

Christine explains, "Once a person understands their role in the dance I notice that their feet begin to move with minimal effort. I create a climate where the student learns to trust themselves as a dancer."

Students will learn:
  • what's the point of a first dance?
  • how to listen to dance music
  • how to identify a rhythm, is it a foxtrot, waltz, rumba, or what?
  • what to do with your feet (box step)
  • how to hold your partner
  • how to turn your partner
  • how can I do this and not make a fool out of myself?
  • how to select a song

There's more to your first dance than keeping the beat and watching out for your partners toes.

Cost: $96 per couple
When: monthly
Where: Newton Community Education, Newton North High School.

For more information, contact Christine Nunziato at 617-244-4182.

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