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Swing - Beginning - Level I
This beginning level course covers the fundamentals of 6 count Swing. You'll learn how to identify the rhythm, basic footwork, patterns, and how to lead and follow this exciting dance. We'll use the triple-step rhythm. No experience needed.

Swing - Intermediate - Level II
In this class you'll continue to develop competency through further work on the fundamentals of lead/follow technique, footwork, and rhythm. You'll learn the 8 count Lindy turn and combine other 8-count patterns with a 6-count basic swing step. You should be able to dance 6 count triple rhythm without thinking about it.

Swing - Advanced - Level III
This advanced level class focuses on a combination of 6 and 8 count swing patterns with a concentration on lead/follow technique, and connection with your partner. You'll fine tune your timing, and continue to develop your personal style while gaining more competency on the dance floor. You should have been dancing for 1 year using a 6 and 8-count triple-step footwork.

Salsa - Beginning - Level I
"Salsa" is the umbrella term meaning Latin rhythms. This class covers one or more of the basic Latin American dance rhythms: Merengue, Mambo, "Salsa" (mambo danced on the "one" beat), Cha-cha-cha, and rumba to name a few.

This can be you!

Intro to Ballroom Dance
In this introductory level ballroom dance class you'll learn the fundamentals of three frequently danced rhythms; foxtrot, waltz, and swing. We'll focus on how to lead and follow, how to listen for and identify the rhythm, as well as the basic footwork for each dance. You'll have fun learning about dance etiquette as we change partners throughout the session. No experience needed.

Dance at Your Wedding Workshop
This is a one day/4-hour workshop held on a Saturday. You'll gain the skills needed to make your first dance a comfortable experience. The Dance at Your Wedding Workshop covers the crucial aspects of how to connect with your partner by learning how to lead and how to follow. You'll practice listening to the music so you can identify rhythm and learn the basic footwork of the most popular dances: foxtrot, waltz, and rumba. Workshops are held on selected Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

To register, contact Newton Community Education. Questions? Contact Christine Nunziato at 617-244-4182.

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