At some point, you're going to need music for your dancers. Swing dancing is rooted on live music and there are plenty of bands around New England who'd love to play for your dance. If you're interested in hiring bands for your dances, check the various New England calendars for events where particular bands will be featured. Attend their gigs and see how they play for *dancers* as opposed to any old gig where they need background music. Note that a demo tape or CD will not demonstrate the danceability of a band; there's absolutely no substitute for listening to them live.

If you don't need live music or have a lower budget, you'll find a list of disc jockeys who might be able to provide recorded music for your dance.

Need dance shoes? A fabulous zoot suit? Dance videos? Sound equipment? A dance floor for your event? We've got a list of those dance businesses.

Some people might have an item that they want to unload. For those people we have the Market Place where they can post an item they want to sell.

There's a list of suggested recorded swing music but the list hasn't been updated in a while. There's a lot of random Cd's out there that feature a good song or two. Any CD that has *3* good swingable songs is considered a keeper, but those aren't that common. CD's that get recommended are more likely to be more recent recordings that feature updated song charts or have a bit more "energy" to them (I'm not talking about the number of beats per minute).

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