A popular but difficult dance to learn is Argentine Tango. It's easy to pick up, but hard to master, mostly because the music is so different from swing music. One thing I hate to hear is "You dance tango like a swing dancer!". There is a very dedicated tango community in Boston.

Tap Dancing is included here because TapBoston also resides at this website. However, it's also important because the rhythms and concepts in tap dancing can be carried over to improve your movement in Swing dancing!

With all the information coming into this website from all corners of the dancing world, the line is drawn at Salsa; otherwise, there'd be no time to do anything else during the day. There are a few Salsa resources listed here where you can get extensive local Salsa information.

There are a variety of other or miscellaneous dances listed on this website, though the information will be sparse. Of course, there are a bunch of miscellaneous links like dance forums that don't fit anywhere else.

Finally, there is a list of articles and editorials, including the weekly Soapbox.

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