"Free" Lessons

Most mentions of a lesson before a dance will not include a link to this page because it's usually a stand-alone beginner lesson that's included in the price of admission.

Some dances will include a "free" lesson before a dance. This is usually geared towards beginners to get them moving on the dance floor and hopefully they'll come back for more. Do note that these "free" lessons are not really free; you can't take the lesson and then leave before the dancing without paying. It's actually included in the dance's admission price. Newcomers are probably more likely to show up if they don't have to pay for the lesson beforehand. You'll see "lesson" with the time of the free beginner lesson.


In some situations, some dance promoters will charge extra for the lesson or workshop before the dancing starts. This ensures that newcomers won't be coming to a dance cold, yet cover the time for giving the lesson. Occasionally some people complain about not wanting or needing the lesson and don't want to pay for a class they don't want to take. In cases like this, the promoter might give a discount to anyone taking both the paid lesson and the dance.

Occasionally, the lesson before the dance will be something for the dancer with more experience than the novice off the street. There will usually be an extra charge for this. Any special workshop before a dance that requires payment will be labled a "workshop" and will link to this page.


Some dance studios will offer a regular series of classes before a regularly scheduled dance or charge for any lesson taught before the dancing starts. This will certainly require payment of some sort. Usually, the venue hosting the dance is also teaching the classes. In some cases, however, the classes are taught by a dance studio and not by the dancing venue. One potential benefit of these classes is that you might get into the dance for free if you're taking the classes. Note that you probably won't be able to just jump into the class at any time. Check ahead.

Check ahead!

Caveat emptor.

Updated August 19, 2015

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