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Submitting your information for Dancenet (or TangoNet)

  • send me your information in a text message. I can copy & paste text email.
  • put the important information at the top of the mesage so I can prioritize the message.
  • do make sure your Facebook page can be read by people who *aren't* on Facebook.


  • send me press releases or long newsletters. It takes a long time to read through them to get the information I need.
  • send just graphics with embedded information. I can't cut & paste from graphics and I'm more likely to make a mistake with them.
  • expect me to get the information from your website.

Editor's Note:

I recently timed how long it took to get the street address off someone's website because they left it out in the email. Took about 45 seconds out of my life. Imagine having to do that with every calendar listing I get?

Bottom line:

if you are a dance teacher, organizer, or otherwise promoter, it's in your best interest (and your job) to get your information to me as soon as possible and in a clear format so it takes very little effort and time for me to put it into the webpages. I provide a free venue to promote your event to thousands (actually, *tens* of thousands) of people every month. Take advantage of that. Unless I know you well and I attend your event, I have no reason to care whether you succeed or fail so make it convenient to take time out of my day to type your information into these pages.

Calendar listings

For the most part, calendar listings are one-shot dancing events, though workshops (see below) and dance weekends are included. Note that there are calendars for each of the New England states and for the different parts of Massachusetts. On which pages the events are listed is determined by the (sole) discretion of the editor. On the front page, the icon is a link to that region's calendar. Go ahead and check them out!

Places to go dancing or new Dance Studios

If you're submitting your dance venue for the places to go dancing page or for the dance studios/schools page, take a look at the other listings on those pages and send me similar information. Don't have a website? Then, perhaps you should start thinking about getting one. How else are you planning on promoting your dance venue on the Internet? Let me know if you have a public Facebook page.

Send me:

if you're a dance teacher, put your schedule on a (i.e, *your*) website so people can just look it up. You might only have contact with a customer when they show up for a class. Tell them what classes you have, where they're held, and when they are being held....on your website. They might not want to actually talk to you on the phone.

Major dance events

This applies mostly to the "swing-related" events. That includes East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, etc. I consider these multi-day "National Events" for which people will drive for more than an hour (or even fly) and stay all day(s). Sorry, I'm not into ballroom so I generally won't list ballroom weekend events. Tango events go elsewhere.


Workshops are multiple classes taught on a day or over several days by "big name" visiting teachers. Think Mario Robau, Jr. or Sylvia Sykes. Would you schedule your weekend around their workshops or the other way around, and would you drive an hour to take a workshop with them? A workshop taught by a local teacher is still just a local event and a regular part of that teacher's normal schedule. Because that local teacher can be seen teaching classes and workshops all the time locally, their "workshops" won't make the local Boston calendar; they might get listed in another calendar for an area in which they don't live.

Any other type of listing

Look at the other listings on this website. If it's related to (swing) dancing, there's probably a good example of a typical listing available. You can probably figure out what you need to send to me.

If you need to know the reasons why this format exists, please refer to the list of frequently asked questions.

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