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As per the request of one of the DanceNet readers, here are copies of the past ramblings of the DanceNet Webmaster.

While it's probably an overkill in terms of the use of my time, I've started replying to spam with my Hotmail account. This particular account appears to receive ("i before e except after c"...yep) pretty much only spam so I have to wonder who gave it out. The Hotmail service already scans for spam but quite a few make it through anyways. When responding to spam, I'll cut and paste the original note and send it back out to the spammers (leaving out my original email address). If they see it as a valid target for future spam, that's okay because that's all I get at that account anyways and I can just delete it.

Again, it's probably a waste of my time and energy, but I don't feel like a helpless victim anymore. Once in a while, I actually reach someone. How do I get them to respond? I use language that forces their ego to reply. :-)

I think they should pass a law banning the faking of return email addresses. Imagine what this would do to people who use the Internet to harass people. The only people who would be against this would be marketeers, spammers, and basically dishonest people who don't want their identity revealed. I'd certainly like existing laws to have the power to punish spammers. Unlike junkmail arriving through the postal system, spam is paid for by the *receiver* (your download time and cost).

I'm trying to figure out the big deal with Krispy Kreme® donuts. The texture is certainly different (from, say, Dunkin' Donuts®). The insides feels thicker yet it's still moist, and they seem to pile on the sugar (much more than Dunkin' Donuts). I guess if you're having donuts, you're not really going to be worried about sugar.

However, I just bought a couple of them at a local grocery store (delivered fresh daily) at 79 cents each here in Los Gatos, California, and I don't think that they're worth double the cost of an average Dunkin' Donuts' offering. If I need a quick caffeine and sugar fix, the Dunkin' Donuts product is a better deal.

On the other hand, if you're trying to impress people, Krispy Kreme is the way to go. That was a *lot* of sugar.

I can't believe the only Dunkin' Donuts in Silicon Valley got rid of the franchise, though I believe they're making the same donuts as they've always did (I think it's the "Sunny Donuts" at Camden and Union in San Jose).

Does anyone else think that something is wrong with having to hire professional "dance hosts" for a dance? I can't help but think of Louis Prima's Just a Gigolo when I hear that term. I think that they should invite teachers to a dance to let them put out their flyers and then let them dance with the customers to "advertise" themselves. That's one reason why dance studios host dances: to advertise their teachers. Paying someone to show up to dance with the customers seems too weird.

There's something to be said about being able to concentrate. I just missed a 5.2 earthquake (my first earthquake!) centered in Gilroy, CA, about 20 miles from where I am. I didn't notice a thing while everyone else said they felt it. I probably thought it was part of the special effects of the on-line Diable II game that I was playing at the time. :-)

  • May 26, 2002:
    Oh, wait! If you ever get something from a band or a dance venue that promises swing dancing *and* a dance floor at some gig *AND* they don't even have the space for a dance floor, please let me know. If I hear enough times that a certain venue or dance promoter is lying, just to get people through the door, I'll ban them from this website.

    I list gigs for swingable bands that might be playing at some venue like a bar or restaurant and I don't always know if they have a dance floor. While I try to find out if they have a dance floor, I usually don't get that information. I also want to know from you if a particular venue shouldn't get listed, even if the best swing band plays there, just because there's no place to dance.

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