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DanceNet was created in 1991 as a means to distribute information on the Boston swing dance scene to my friends through electronic mail (I wanted some friendly and sympathetic faces at these dances!). DanceNet is now read each week from coast to coast by hundreds of dance enthusiasts, and DanceNet On The Web, opened to the public on November 30, 1995, is the World Wide Web version of the weekly DanceNet newsletter. DanceNet and DanceNet On The Web is the weekly product of an amateur dancer who is not in the dance business.

Most of the information on DanceNet is related to Swing/Lindy activities for some strange reason. That does not mean that this method of reaching the dancing community is closed to everyone else (okay, I'll admit I do some West Coast Swing and Argentine Tango). I will be happy to list your swing or non-swing dance activity in its appropriate location on this website. Of particular interest to me are dance news relating to the Argentine Tango, the Hustle, and most Ballroom activities. Suggestions are always welcome, particularly if accompanied by a bag of bite-size (bit-size? byte-size?) Nestle(tm) Crunch Bars*.
*(Snack(tm) bars, Coffee Crisp(tm), Hostess(tm) potato chips, or Maple Leaf cookies will also suffice; people from Canada will understand.)

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I pick up dance flyers from the few dances I go to (like the BSDN dances, Rugcutters', or Hartford Swing/Jam). I will not be calling the dance professionals for information (unless I happen to be friends with that particular person anyways). If you are a amateur dancer, tell the dance professionals about this website and let them know how it could help them. If you are a dance professional, this is a way for you to get alot of free advertisement. My goal here is to get as much information as possible to the dancing community so the dancers can decide how to spend their dancing dollars. Oh! One more thing: I have absolutely no use for line dancing, techno whatever, or any dance where you dance on your own, even if you had to ask a partner "for a dance". What's the point of dancing if you don't get to hold your partner's hand for a few minutes? :-P

No responsibility is assumed (nor should be presumed) for the accuracy of the information provided in either DanceNet or DanceNet On The Web and no attempt is made to verify the information contained here. At the same time, no endorsement is made of any listed activity other than those whom I've invited to be DanceNet sponsors. If you have corrections to be made here, please send them to me and I will be happy to put them in. I do, however, reserve the right to edit anything that gets put into DanceNet.

DanceNet is an electronic newsletter that contains updated information each week on the swing dance scene in Boston, the surrounding areas and around the country. Anyone who asks for DanceNet gets the full listing of DanceNet every two months though electronic mail; you can also get updates each week with more recent information and changes.

I hope you find this Web site useful. Feedback is always welcome. Please encourage your favorite dance professionals/organizers to post their information here; the more information I receive, the more information the dancers get. Some readers had this much to say.

See you on the dance floor,

Benson Wong

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Last updated June 21, 2002

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